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Which Spanish movies can I watch to improve my Spanish skills?

Which Spanish movies can I watch to improve my Spanish skills?

Watch and learn spanish with the help of Spanish movies

Watching movies to improve your Spanish skills? Absolutely! Watching Spanish movies is a great and fun way to expend your vocabulary and comprehension. At the same time you learn something about the culture and the history of Spain. Maybe it discourages you when you think about those Spanish movies of which you do not understand anything, but luckily we are here to help you. We have some tips for you how you should watch the movies while learning from it and of give you some tips which Spanish movies are the best to watch!

1. Choose a movie you like

Well that sounds logical, but it in fact is the most important factor when you want to learn something from the movie. It might even be better to choose a movie you already have seen for a 1000 times. If you are already familiar with the plot you will not have to worry about missing things. If so you can completely focus on the Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to understand every single word they say. The most important is that you get the broad lines of the story.

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2. Spanish subtitles on please!

Watching a movie without subtitles would make it too difficult in the beginning. Subtitles in your own language on the other hand will help you extend your vocabulary, but very slowely. You need to think in Spanish to maximize the learning experience and therefore put the subtitles on Spanish. By reading and listening at the same time it is easier to follow the story and better to memorize words and grammatical structures. Once your Spanish is getting better you can deactivate the subtitles and see how that is working out for you.

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3. Watch together

In my opinion, watching a movie together with someone is a lot more fun than alone. Who else is going to eat the great amount of popcorn you bought? Besides you can help each other understanding the movie. Your friend can supply those words, phrases or key points you missed and the other way around.

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4. Look up new words and review them

Make sure you have a notebook and a pen with you during the movie. If you hear words you don’t understand and which are repeated frequently you might write them down. After the movie (or during, whatever you prefer) you can look them up and learn them.

Good job! You are fully prepared to watch Spanish movies and learn from it! Let us give you some recommendations regarding Spanish movies…

The Spanish movie Volver
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Raimunda, a working class women, lives with her 14-year old daughter in Madrid. Every day they get into many problems and conflicts, but  the love and support always units them. The movie is going back to the time of the family crisis in Spain and it shows how Spanish families struggled with surviving, day by day. Many unexpected events happen in this movie which will definitely put you on the edge of your seat!

A picture of the Spanish movie La Lengua de las Mariposas
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La Lengua de las Mariposas

It is 1936, just before the start of the Spanish Civil War. Moncho, a child from a Spanish village, is afraid to go to the school because he thinks the teachers beat the students. Very soon he realizes his teacher is not. He develops a close relationship with his teacher Don Gregorio, who introduces the boy to different things in the world…

The Spanish movie "Los Otros"
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Los Otros

1945, the Second World War is over and Grace’s husband has not returned. Alone in an isolated house she tries to educate her children with strict religious rules. Her children suffer from a strange disease: they cannot receive direct daylight. When three new servants join the family life the strict order that Grace has imposed will be challenged by circumstances beyond their control.

Do you know other great Spanish movies? Share them with us!

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