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Sing and learn Spanish

Sing and learn Spanish

Learn Spanish with Spanish songs

Con él te duele el corazón… Y conmigo te duelen los pies… A great song isn’t it? The only frustrating thing is that it will stuck in your head after hearing it once. But is that really that bad? Not if you want to learn a language! In fact, it is a great way to improve your Spanish language skills!

Songs get stuck in our heads because of the way our brains work. This is all quite complicated but when you think about it you will see it is true. How did you learn the alphabet? There is a big chance you learned it with a little song and you probably still remember this. The same applies to that summer hit of two years ago which you heard over and over again. I am sure you still can sing the whole song! It is much easier to learn things with a song because then the words will be tattooed in your memory.

Why learning Spanish with Spanish songs?

  1. Insight in the culture

The lyrics of a song can teach you a lot about the culture. Very often the lyrics contain popular colloquial expressions and phrases that are linked to the values of a culture. Next to values you will often find opinions, activities and beliefs in the songs. A perfect chance to discover a part of the Spanish culture in a fun way.Learn Spanish with Spanish songs

  1. Increases your vocabulary and strengthens your grammar

It is more likely that you remember words from a song than words from a long vocabulary list. The reason therefore is the fact that a song has a context. So instead of seeing the word and trying to memorize it as the definition of that specific word, you hear this word in a sentence and it immediately gives you the opportunity to understand and use it.

The same applies to the grammar part. Have you just studied the “imperativo”? You will definitely encounter them in a Spanish song. By encountering them and seeing them again you will learn.

  1. You get an ear for the language

After a couple of repetitions you will get an ear for the sounds. You will learn how to pronounce certain words. Once you need to use that word during your Spanish class or the conversation with your neighbours, you know how to pronounce it due to the fact that you remember the song it was in!

  1. It is fun

Admit it, it is way better than making all those boring grammar exercises. The added value of it is that you listen to music very often: in the bus, while waiting, during your run, at home. Why not listening to Spanish music then?

Learn Spanish in Spain with Spanish songs!

How to practice with it?

There are two great ways to practice with Spanish songs:

  1. Listen to English songs and translate them yourself or read the Spanish translation. You can find many translations online. You can use these as translations as corrections of your own translations.
  2. Practice by listening to Spanish songs and filling in the gaps with the online tool called LyricsTraining. Choose your level and fill in the gaps while the song is playing. Do you dare to go for the advanced level of the song?

Spanish songs to help you start

If you don’t know where to start we have some great artists and Spanish songs here for you:

  • Julieta Venegas: A Mexican singer that creates her own music and plays many instruments. She is an activist and a humanist with really nice songs. Two famous songs of her are “Limón y Sal” and “Me voy”.
  • Bebe: A charismatic singer who sings about the problems in the society. She has as well ballets as up tempo songs. Listen to her songs “Respirar” or “Mi Guapo”.
  • India Martínez: For the people who prefer the Andalusian music should listen to India Martínes. She is a romantic singer who definitely will steal your heart. Be aware that she has an Andalusian accent and thus it can be a little bit more difficult. One song of her is called “Vencer Al Amor”.
  • Enrique Iglesias: Also known the king of Latin pop. Many of his Spanish songs are big hits and that good look of him is just a plus! His new song “Duele el corazón” has a great melody and “Bailando” is a perfect song to practice grammar!

With this big amount of fun learning material you can start broadening your Spanish language skills. Keep in mind that you do not have to understand the whole song the first time you hear it. Step by step. Choose songs which rhythm you like and remember that calm songs like ballets are often easier to understand and practice your pronunciation.

What is your favourite Spanish song?