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Talk Spanish during your holiday in Spain!

Talk Spanish during your holiday in Spain!

Spanish holiday vocabulary which you can use during a holiday in Spain

This week the summer officially starts and you probably have some ideas already were to go on holiday! Spain is a very popular holiday destination and it has its reasons! The beautiful landscapes, the generous and kind people, the tasty food and the enchanting culture. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a basic understanding of the Spanish language when you travel to Spain? We give you a little guide for the Spanish holiday vocabulary!


There are different means of transportation which you can use when you are on vacation. How are you going to travel to your final destination?

  • El coche            The car
  • El tren               The train
  • El barco            The boat
  • El avión             The airplane

On the destination itself you can also use different means of transportation to visit another city or to travel around more easily. You can go by bus, which is el autobús or you can bike around with la bicicleta. Do you prefer travelling by foot? Then you are going a pie. But be aware! Because when you want to say you go by car/train/boat/plane you use ‘en’ instead of ‘a’. So it will be: “Vamos en coche”

So where do you want to go? A la playa (to the beach)? Al centro (to the city centre)? Al museo (to the museum)?

The weather

Is the sun shining? Well, it probably will when you travel to Spain. It might be a nice thing to know some Spanish words to express what you think about the weather.

  • El sol                       The sun
  • El calor                    The heat
  • Hace sol                  It is sunny
  • Hace calor               It is hot
  • Hace frío                 It is cold (hopefully you won’t need this!)
  • El viento                  The wind

Hace mucho calor? You probably want to go to the beach! What to wear?

  • El bikini                   The bikini
  • El bañador              The bathing suit
  • Las gafas de sol     Sunglasses
  • La camiseta            The t-shirt

The time

How to tell the hour in Spanish when travelling in Spain, Spanish holiday vocabulary

Rise and shine! A new day to discover some great places. What time is it?! Oh no… The battery of your phone just died and you forgot your watch at home. Now what? Ask it to a Spaniard at the street. But not in English! In Spanish…

  • ¿Qué hora es?                           What time is it?
  • Son las dos                                 It is two o´clock
  • Son las tres menos cuarto      It is a quarter to two
  • Son las dos y cuarto                 It is a quarter past two
  • Son las dos y media                  It is half past two

Regarding the time you always use son las except when you want to say that it is one o´clock. Then you use ‘es la’: “Es la una”.


If you get a bit lost or unsure how to get somewhere it would be nice to ask directions to someone in the street. The simplest way of doing so is asking “where is…”. In Spanish you can say: “Dónde está…” So, where do you want to go? El supermercado (the supermarket), la estación de tren (the trainstation), el aeropuerto (the airport), un banco (a bank) or el baño (the bathroom).

Well, asking would not be the problem. Understanding the directions you receive might be a bit more difficult. Therefore you should learn these key words:

  • A la derecha                  Right
  • A la izquierda                Left
  • Derecho/todo recto     Straight ahead
  • En la esquina                At the corner

It might as well be easy to know the ranking words: primero, segundo, tercero, cuarto, quinto… The person giving you the direction will possibly tell you something like: “La segunda calle a la derecha”, meaning the second street to the right.


Knowing how to order food and drinks in a restaurant might be the most useful to know when you travel to Spain. The Spaniards will love it when you try! You probably will use the verb ‘querer’ often to express you want something. “Yo quiero” means “I want”. If you want to be more polite you can say “Me gustaría tener”, meaning “I would like to have”. Well what do you like to have?

  • Una mesa             A table
  • El menu                The menu
  • Una sopa              A soup
  • La ensalada          The salad
  • El plato                  The dish
  • Un postre              A dessert
  • Una bebida           A drink
  • Agua                      Water
  • Vino blanco           White wine
  • Vino tinto               Red wine
  • Cerveza                 Beer
  • Un café                  Coffee
  • La cuenta              The bill
  • Por favour             Please

If you are interested in meeting new people and you want to learn how to present yourself in Spanish you can check out our blog about “how to present yourself in Spanish”Now you have the basics Spanish holiday vocabulary to travel to Spain. Practice before you go and I am sure it will enhance your travel experience!