Tips for Choosing your Spanish Language School

Tips for Choosing your Spanish Language School

Your goal may be to learn—

General Spanish
Business Spanish
Academic Spanish, or
Spanish for tourists
Whatever your goal, finding a Spanish course taught by native Spanish speaking teachers is essential.

How do I know which Spanish school to choose?

spanishcourses-25-lessons-300x158Start by choosing your desired geographical location. For example: in a coast location, in a warm climate, in a city, near the sea… Málaga in Spain is your target.
Since cost is a major factor for most students – make a list of schools in your chosen location by order of the cost of their intensive courses, including accommodation.
Visit the websites of several schools you’re interested in to find out the methodology and materials they use so you know it will fit your learning style.
Narrow down your list of schools then begin contacting them and ruling out those that don’t meet your goals and criteria.

What else do I need to know?

Calculate the time of each lesson that each school offers: 45-minute classe/lesson or 55-minute classe/lesson? This is very important for your calculation of the total teaching time you receive, for example, in a school with lessons of 45 minutes each, at the end of the 20 lessons/week course you get only 15 hours of Spanish instruction per week. In Alhambra Instituto 1 lesson = 55 minutes.

You are investing a lot of time and money. Therefore, it is in your best interests to check on the certifications and licenses of the schools and the level of teachers to ensure you will be receiving legitimate and proficient Spanish instruction.

It is important that the school you choose gives you the choice of what courses to take based on your goals and skill level, i.e. beginner or advanced.

If you are going to Spain during a peak period, such as the summer, schools typically employ temporary teachers just for these periods. These instructors may be inexperienced.
Ask what kind of accommodation options the school offers. It is beneficial to attend a school that arranges home stays with Spanish families. Staying with a local Spanish family is the best way to learn about a new culture and be immersed in the Spanish language.

Be careful that the school you choose is a professional one that employs qualified, experienced, native Spanish speaking instructors and is committed to maintaining high standards.

We like to help you. See soon in Malaga.

Alhambra Insituto