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A travel guide through Seville

A travel guide through Seville

Discover the charming Seville...

introduction picture Seville

Seville, the charming city full of history and magnificent monuments. In no time you will find yourself walking through “Barrio Santa Cruz”, which is a delightful part of the city with narrow streets and whitewashed houses. You will be amazed by the amount of orange trees you pass by and I am sure that the hidden passageways will fascinate you.  Seville is a enchanting city and has a centre with an easy structure which gives you the possibility to see a lot in a short period of time. So what cannot be missed? Let us give you a little travel guide through Seville…

What cannot be missed?

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Real Alcázar de Sevilla

Real Alcázar de Seville
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The Real Alcázar de Sevilla is the Royal Palace of Sevilla. It was built in 1364 for King Pedro I. Did you know that the top floor of the palace is still used ocassionaly by the Royal family? That is already one reason to visit the palace, but there are many more!

The palace is built in the Mudéjar and Gothic style. It is a magnificent complex with many patios, halls and incredible gardens stretched over a gigantic space. The gardens are divided into a number of separate gardens with all having their own name and special plants and flowers. You will enter the palace at Plaza del Triunfo via Puerta del León. Puerta del León is a large and impressive gate. Once you are inside, you arrive at Patio de las Doncellas, which is the main courtyard of the palace. From here on you can enter several halls (yes there are many many more) and start exploring!

Plaza de España

Plaza de España in Seville
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When you walk through the marvellous Maria Luisa Park you enter the even more beautiful Plaza de España. It is a majestic architectural complex in the form of a half-moon. Originally it was built as central office for the World Fair, which was held in Seville in 1929. Nowadays the building is occupied by government offices and the regional army.

The complex was built in revival style with red bricks and a lot of azulejos. Azulejos are painted ceramic tiles, which are very popular in Seville and Spain. The square is surrounded by a canal, decorated bridges and a wide promenade. On each end of the building two high towers are placed. A large fountain decorates the centre of the square. You will be captivated by its beautifulness.

La Giralda

La Giralda in Sevilla
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This famous and large tower with a height of 103 meters cannot be forgotten when visiting the charming Seville. La Giralda is recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO and has a rich history. After a large earthquake in 1356, only two parts of the original structure survived; the Patio de los Naranjos (a courtyard) and the minaret. The rest of the building was replaced by the Cathedral of Seville. You can access the tower from inside the Cathedral. A long climb to the top (the muscle aches you have next day will be worth it!) will give you a superb panorama view over Seville.

The name of the tower is not chosen randomly. The tower represents faith and this is portrayed by a statue on top of the tower of a women with a shield in her right hand and a palm in her left hand. “Girar” means to turn in Spanish. The top of La Giralda is also known as “Giraldillo”, meaning “she who turns”.

Catedral de Santa María de la Sede

Visit the Catedral de Santa María de la Sede in Seville
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The Cathedral of Seville is not just a normal Cathedral. It is the largest and highest cathedral in Spain, the largest Gothic building in the world and the world’s third-largest church! It was built in the 15th century and has a magnificent interior, with numerous chapels and beautiful stained glass windows.

In the main chapel of the Cathedral you can find the famous golden “Retablo Mayor”. This altarpiece has images of scenes from the Old Testament and the lives of the saints. Another famous piece in the Cathedral of Seville is the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Another must-see is located outside the Cathedral (but can be visited when you enter the Cathedral) and is called “Patio de los Naranjos”, the Courtyard of Orange Trees.

What to eat in Seville...

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Just like any other place, Seville has many local dishes that you should try! A meat lover will feel completely at ease here since they especially love Pork...

Carrillada de Cerdo

This dish is easy to find in the tapas bars of Seville. Carrillada de Cerdo is pork cheek and represents one of Seville’s most traditional meats. It is cooked in wine and some times they add carrot and garlic to make the flavour even more rich and strong.

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Espinacas con Garbanzos

Especially for the vegetarians! It is a combination of spinach and chickpeas served with a “picatoste”, which is a large homemade crouton.

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Serranito de Lomo

Again, pork! This time pork loin is placed on a sandwich and it is topped with Serrano ham (which is also great in Seville) and grilled green pepper. Sometimes they add egg, tomate and alioli to flavour it up. Have you already eaten enough pork? Try the chicken version!

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We cannot miss anything sweet on this “what to eat in Seville”-list! Therefore you should try the Torrijas. Torrijas are made with bread which is soaked in beaten eggs and are being deep fried afterwards. Afterwards they are covered in sugar, honey or milk. Especially during the Semana Santa many Torrijas are eaten and in many restaurants you can eat them as a dessert with ice… Delicious!

food of seville

Well this is by far not all information about Seville since there is so many beautiful sights to visit, but this will help you make a start. Maybe you have visited Seville already and have you some more ideas or tips? Share them and help others enrich their travel to this beautiful city!