¡Un día en Ronda!

¡Un día en Ronda!

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First excursion on a hot sunday: off to Ronda!

We took the bus at 11.30 a.m. from the “Estación de autobúses” after we went into the city to buy some Sandwiches and something sweet for the afternoon. The ride took one and a half hour and led us through the mountains of the province. After taking a short nap on the bus we we´re ready for discovering Ronda. We started with visiting the bullfighting arena – which is one of the oldest in Spain. Walking through the stables you could imagine what is going on during a bullfight in the arena – loads of people, angry bulls and the matadors waiting for their mission.

Afterwards we visited the famous bridge which connects the “new city” with “old urban city” and is an architectural highlight. The bridge has a height of 98 meters – you have the best view on the side of the cliff.

Subsequently we took a walk through the urban part of the city, looked at different shops and bought some souvenirs and finally relaxed in a nice park near the bus station.

See you again, Ronda!

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