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¡Un fin de semana en Sevilla!

¡Un fin de semana en Sevilla!

Last weekend was our last trip to another Andalusian city for the time being: Sevilla. On saturday morning at nine o´clock we took the bus from the main bus station direction Sevilla. We had our lunch packages ready for our trip and had enough time to have a short nap. We arrived at Sevilla around 12 and made our way to the hostel. We freshened up and walked to the city centre to buy tickets for the tourbus. On our way we decided to eat a nice piece of cake and to enjoy a cool drink. In Sevilla there are still temperatures around 37º Celsius!

On our way to the bus stop we passed the “Espacio Metropol Parasol” and enjoyed the view from up there over the city. At the bus station we already suspected that the bus is going to be crowded – and we were right. We were lucky and had nice seats at the top of the bus with a nice view and a cool wind, which was more than agreeable.

After the bustour we got ready again for having dinner in the city centre. Finally we ended up having dinner in an “American Diner” with lovely food like Nachos, Burritos, Burgers and more. The special thing in the restaurant was the Jukebox – we were able to play different songs for free!

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¡Hasta la próxima!

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To have a look at Sevilla at night we decided to look for a restaurant along the Guadalquivir- we sat down had a drink and enjoyed the view. From there we made our way to the hostel, going to bed early to be fit for the next day!

The next morning we left our luggage in the hostel and went into the city centre. On our way we stopped at a café to have a quick breakfast, Croissant an orange juice for everyone and a perfect view on the cathedral of Sevilla. After our breakfast we decided to hop on the bus to get to the famous “Plaza de España”.

Located in a very beautiful park you can find the “Plaza de España” where the sun made the sight look even prettier! We jumped into a canoe and paddled along the canal – at the beginning we struggled a bit but in the end we paddled like pros!

We walked a bit around the city and sat down in a lovely restaurant having a cool drink until we went back to the hostel to grab our luggage to make our way back to the bus station.

Our trip was over so fast – but we are coming back!

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