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¡Una noche en la plaza de toros!

¡Una noche en la plaza de toros!

Time for a typical spanish spectacle

bullfighting is one of the most traditional parts of Spanish culture. For Spanish people bullfighting is a type of art – although in some cities of Spain it´s already forbidden.

We wanted to experience this important tradition on our own. At the beginning of this event the matadors present themselves to the audience and the president of the bullfighting spectacle. In six fights the matadors face the bulls and present different artistic movements to impress the audience. If the witnesses like the “show” they wave at the end of the fight, when the bull is dead, with white cloths or tissues. If the president reveals also a white cloth the matador will get the ear of the bull he killed.

For us this new experience was very impressive and at the same time you start to think about the ethic aspect. But everyone has to form his own opinion about this kind of tradition.

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Spain, bullfight, spanish culture, tradition, bull, audience