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Why Study Spanish in Spain?

Why Study Spanish in Spain?

Spanish is an official language on four continents

Why do you need to learn Spanish? In most countries, specifically the US, residents are not required to study the Spanish language or any other foreign language except English. But that was just a thing of the past because globalization has urged everyone to be competitive and be able to communicate with other countries and nationalities..

Spanish Speaking Countries, learn Spanih with Spanish language courses in Malaga SpainFor many, learning Spanish is rapidly becoming a business necessity because of Globalization.
Our world today has become more globalized than ever. We rely on each other not only within our country, but between nations. Also, communication between nations has become easier and more efficient because of the internet. Today the global community enables contact between the most diverse places in the world and all data confirms that Spanish is one of the three or four most significant languages which channels international relations.


If you are bilingual, you will be more marketable and have more career choices than your monolingual counterpart. Globalization, with it’s accompanying free trade agreements is shrinking the business world, and those who know more than one language will definitely have the edge. Speaking Spanish is becoming progressively more important in business and career matters. It will enable you to communicate more effectively with co-workers, clients, customers and employees who speak Spanish as their native tongue. You will be able to offer your product or service to the 400 million people whose mother tongue is Spanish.

Spanish everywhere.
Spanish Speaking Countries, learn Spanih with Spanish language courses in Malaga SpainThe most numerous Hispanic speaking community is in the United States with over 36 million spanish speakers, and with over 40% of the population growth being among the Hispanic people, the stage is set for an enormous increase in Spanish usage in the United States. The Hispanic population of the US is approaching 50 million by the year 2015. But it’s not only in the US where Spanish is popular. In Europe, Spanish is the second most popular second language, after English. With some 400 million speakers, Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world. Only Mandarin, English and Hindi have more speakers. If you count only native speakers, Spanish outranks English. Spanish is an official language on four continents and is the mother tongue in 21 countries. The sheer number of Spanish speakers and their rate of growth makes learning Spanish a smart choice.
By 2030, an estimated 7.5% of world population will speak Spanish.


Learning Spanish will truly expand your universe.
According to Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, “the limits of my language are the limits of my universe.” There is no doubt that learning Spanish will expand your own personal universe. As the Hispanic population continues to grow at a disproportionate rate, it becomes more and more likely that you might marry into a Spanish speaking family, have Spanish speaking neighbors or encounter Spanish speaking people in your daily rounds. No longer are the Spanish speakers in the US confined to the border states and big cities. Today, nearly all areas have some sort of Hispanic population. Wouldn’t it be nice to say hello and chat with your fellow paisanos (countrymen)?

Knowing Spanish will completely transform your travel experience.
While it is certainly possible to travel to a Spanish speaking country without knowing any Spanish, your trip will in no way compare with the incredible adventure that awaits the traveler who speaks Spanish. If you only speak English, you will be forced to confine yourself to popular tourist resorts where nearly everyone speaks some English.


But if you want to explore the area and get to know the local people, you need to know Spanish. Even simple things, such as reading signs and menus, asking directions or telling a cab driver where you want to go requires some knowledge of the language. Hispanic people are amazingly generous, and if you speak Spanish you will find yourself being welcomed in a way that would never happen if you spoke only English. Simply put, when you travel to a Spanish speaking country, knowing the language will allow you to move from the role of observer to that of an active participant.


Learning Spanish will allow you to better appreciate Hispanic cultural contributions.
For many people, developing a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture is becoming more and more important. There is no more certain way to gain this insight than to learn to speak Spanish. Reading Latin American or Spanish newspapers and magazines will open a window into the Hispanic mind. Knowing the language will prepare you to better appreciate some of the great Hispanic modern and classic cultural contributions. From Miguel Cervantes to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Hispanic literary contributions are monumental. From the royal portraits of Goya to the surreal depictions of Picasso, Spanish influence on the fine arts has been substantial. And let’s not ignore gastronomy! Learning Spanish can be the perfect excuse for enjoying the cuisine of Spanish speaking people. Burritos, tamales, paella, papusas, arroz con frijoles, ceviche, — the list goes on and on, and is a delicious indicator of the vast diversity of Hispanic culture. Is it any wonder then that more and more people want to partake of these cultural delights?


Learning Spanish is fun!
Learning Spanish opens up lots of opportunities to have more fun. Who doesn’t enjoy reading a good book or watching a good movie? Music? You bet! Food? The best! The satisfaction of accomplishment? It’s there waiting for you to grab it! For all of the reasons mentioned above, and a whole lot that haven’t been mentioned, learning Spanish can be one of the most enjoyable things you will ever do. Whether your motivations are practical, intellectual or sentimental, learning Spanish is something that will benefit you for the rest of your life!


Better job oppurtunities
In North America, Hispanic consumers are the fastest-growing market segment. As for job opportunities, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have Spanish on your résumé. In the United States, knowing Spanish can be particularly helpful if you work in healthcare or education. Increasingly, the building trades are employing more and more Spanish speaking workers.